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Are Things Getting Worse?

A drawing divided into 8 'slices' so to speak, each mirrored. Each slice is a woman, in a futuristic blue jumpsuit with red stitching, wearing a futuristic looking hat, and her left hand plugged into some futuristic looking contraption withw ires and circuits everywhere. Her right hand is holding some sort of tool, also with wires sticking out, and she's poking at some sort of fancy looking, also octogonally symmetric circuit thing, which gets increasingly complex until it reaches the middle, where there's a very, very tiny globe

A daily, collaborative review of the world we've made for ourselves.

Yesterday was Wednesday, 24 July 2024. According to 100% of you, things got worse.

How it works

Every day, the world can either get better or worse. Which is it today? Vote with the link below, as many times as you'd like. No bots, please.

We'll record and tally the votes. At midnight UTC we'll update the result above, and the vote starts anew.

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